Precision Machining

Qualmax’s utmost priority is placed on providing superior products with the highest quality in the market.

Our precision machining capabilities ensures that our parts are manufactured with extremely tight tolerance control. As our products are used as measurement tools to define defects on the customer DUT, we understand the importance of our product quality. Our uniform parts will allow us to make stable mechanical and electrical contact during customer DUT test providing a reliable test data every time.

Qualmax’s quality procedure and the process is much more advanced than the market norm. Qualmax is a leader in precision machining for CNC Lathe and Vertical Machining and our quality is surpassed by no one in the market.

CNC Lathe

  • All in-house manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art Machines
  • Full CAD/CAM Controlled
  • Advanced Process Know-how
  • Unsurpassed Precision
  • 24/7 Full Automatic Operation

Vertical Machining Center

  • Precision 40,000 RPM Vertical Machining Center
  • Down to 0.040mm (0.0016") diameter holes with 0.010mm wall thickness
  • Very tight machining tolerance
  • Burr-free hole fabrication
  • Machining SUS, Aluminum and all kinds of engineering plastic material
  • Machine ceramic substrate for WLCSP test socket