Qualmax provides total solution for spring contact probe (pogo pin) and semiconductor test socket
Semiconductor IC Test Socket & Spring Contact Probe (pogo pin) for Semiconductor Test Industry

Semiconductor IC Test Socket, Pogo Pin, Spring Contact Probe 

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What We Offer
Semiconductor Test Socket
Wafer Probe Card
Spring Contact Probe
Test Socket Lid
Custom Support Plate
Hight Density Coaxial Connector
Application Engineering
Free Custom Design
Technical Support
Local Stocking of Inventory
Supports JIT Manufacturing
Quality Standard Set-up

Our Commmitment
Product Excellence
In-depth ApplicationConsulting
Intelligent Design Engineering
Precision Manufacturing
Stringent Quality Control
Two Weeks Lead Time 

No NRE Charge
No Tooling Charge
Flexible Approach
Goal Oriented Customer Care

Benefits for You
Highest Quality Product
Best Test Yield
Shortest Lead Time
Shortest Time-to-Market
Competitive Price
Intensive Local Support
One Stop Total Solution

Total Solution for Semiconductor IC Test Socket and Spring Contact Probe (Pogo Pin) 

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September 2014
Qualmax Received Prime Minister's Prize in Korea for its Advanced Technology


Total Solution for Semiconductor IC Test Socket and Spring Contact Probe (Pogo Pin). Factory Direct. info@qualmax.com.